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Windows 11 is the latest major release of Microsoft ‘s Windows NT operating systemreleased in October It is a free upgrade to its predecessor, Windows 10available for any Windows indohesia devices that meet the new Windows 11 system requirements. Windows 11 features major changes to the Windows shell influenced by the canceled Windows 10Xincluding a redesigned Start menuthe replacement of its windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free tiles” with a separate “Widgets” panel on the taskbarthe ability to create tiled sets of windows that can be minimized and restored from the taskbar as a group, and new gaming technologies inherited from Xbox Series X and Series S жмите сюда as Auto Wiindows and DirectStorage on compatible hardware.

Internet Explorer IE windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free been replaced by the Chromium -based Microsoft Edge as the default web browser like wijdows predecessor, Windows 10and Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Indlnesia shell.

Microsoft also announced plans to allow more flexibility in software that can be distributed via Microsoft Storeand to support Android apps on Windows 11 including a partnership with Amazon to make its app store available for the function. Citing security considerations, the system requirements for Windows 11 were increased over Windows While the OS can be installed on unsupported processors, Microsoft does not guarantee the availability of updates.

Windows 11 inddonesia received a widely polarized reception. Pre-release coverage of the operating system focused on its stricter hardware requirements, with discussions over whether they were legitimately intended to improve the security of Windows or as a ploy to upsell users to wwikipedia devices, and over e-waste associated indobesia the changes.

Upon release, it was praised for its improved visual design, window management, and a stronger focus on security, but was criticized for various modifications to aspects of its user жмите сюда which were seen as worse windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free its predecessor.

At the Ignite conferenceMicrosoft employee Jerry Nixon stated that Windows 10 would be the “last version of Windows”, a statement that Microsoft confirmed was “reflective” of its view. In OctoberMicrosoft announced ” Fgee 10X “, a future edition of Windows 10 designed exclusively for dual-touchscreen devices such as the then-upcoming Surface Neo.

It featured a modified user interface designed around context-sensitive “postures” for different screen configurations and usage scenarios, and changes such as a centered taskbar and updated Start menu without Windows 10’s “live tiles”. Legacy Windows applications would also be required to run in “containers” to ensure performance and power optimization.

Microsoft stated that it planned to release Windows 10X devices by the end of In Mayamid the COVID pandemicchief product officer for Microsoft Windows and Office Panos Panay stated that “as ibdonesia continue to put customers’ needs at the forefront, we need to focus on meeting customers where they are now”, and therefore announced that Windows 10X would only launch on single-screen devices at first, and that Microsoft would “continue to look for the right moment, in conjunction with our OEM partners, to bring dual-screen devices to market”.

Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free Januarywindows 10 wikipedia indonesia free was reported that a job listing referring to a “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows” had been posted by Microsoft.

Microsoft began to windowz and announce some of these visual changes and other new features on Windows 10 Insider Lndonesia windows 10 wikipedia indonesia freesuch as new system icons which also included the replacement of shell resources dating back as far as Windows 95[25] improvements to Task View to allow changing the wallpaper on each virtual desktopemulation of x64 applications on ARM, and adding the Auto HDR feature from Xbox Series X.

On May 18,Head of Windows Servicing and Delivery John Cable stated that Windows 10X had been canceled and that Microsoft would be “accelerating the integration of key foundational 10X technology into other wikipedla of Windows and products at the company”.

At the Microsoft Build developer conference, CEO and wikiipedia Satya Nadella teased about the existence of the next generation of Windows during his keynote speech. According to Nadella, he had been self-hosting it for several months. He also teased that an official announcement would come very soon. The Windows 11 name was accidentally released in an official Microsoft support document in June At the June 24 media event, Microsoft also announced that Windows 11 would be released in “Holiday “.

Indnesia August 31,Microsoft announced that Windows windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free was to be released on October 5, Microsoft officially released Windows 11 on October 4,at p. PTwhich was October 5 in parts of the world. These boxed copies were made available on Amazon and Best Buy ‘s online storefronts.

Indonesai through Windows Update are a phased rollout, and iwndows distributed on an opt-in basis: Microsoft stated that windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free “expect all eligible Windows 10 devices to be offered the upgrade to Windows 11 by mid Windows 11, the first major Windows release sincebuilds upon its predecessor by revamping the user interface to follow Microsoft’s new Fluent Design guidelines. The redesign, which focuses wndows ease of use and flexibility, [51] comes windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free new productivity and social features and updates to security and accessibility, addressing some of the windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free of Windows The Microsoft Storewhich serves as rree unified storefront for apps and other content, is also redesigned in Windows Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free now allows developers to distribute Win32 dindows, progressive web applicationsand other packaging technologies in the Microsoft Store, alongside Universal Windows Platform apps.

Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free collaboration platform Microsoft Teams is integrated into the Windows 11 user interface, and is accessible via the taskbar. Skype will no longer be indinesia with the OS by default. Microsoft claims performance improvements such as smaller update sizes, faster wikopedia browsing in “any browser”, faster wake time from sleep mode, and faster Windows Hello windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free.

Windows wikipeda ships with the Chromium -based Fre Edge windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free browser for compatibility [74] [75] with Google Chrome web browser [76]and does not sindows or support Internet Explorer. A redesigned user interface is present frequently throughout the operating system, building upon Fluent Design System ; translucency, shadows, a new color palette, and rounded geometry are prevalent throughout the UI. A prevalent aspect of the design is an appearance known as indoneesia, described as an “opaque, dynamic material that incorporates theme and desktop wallpaper to paint the background of long-lived windows such as apps and settings”.

The taskbar ‘s buttons wikupedia center-aligned by default, and it is permanently pinned to the bottom edge of the screen; it cannot be moved to the top, frer, or right edges of the screen as in previous versions of Windows without manual changes to the registry.

The “Widgets” button on the taskbar displays a panel with Microsoft Start[88] a news aggregator with personalized stories and content expanding upon the “news and interests” panel introduced in later builds of Windows The Start menu has been significantly redesigned, replacing the “live tiles” wijdows by Windows 8.

Task Viewa feature introduced in Windows 10, features a refreshed design, and supports giving separate wallpapers to each wikpedia desktop. The window snapping functionality has been enhanced with two additional features; hovering over a window’s wwindows button displays pre-determined “Snap Layouts” for tiling multiple windows onto a display, and tiled arrangement of windows can be minimized and restored from the taskbar as a “snap group”. If the same display is reconnected, the windows are restored to their prior location.

Users can install Android apps through any source using the APK file format. As part of the minimum system requirements, Windows 11 only runs on devices with a Trusted Platform Module 2. Like its predecessor, Windows 11 also supports multi-factor authentication and biometric authentication through Wondows Hello.

Windows 11 is available in two main editions; the Home edition, which is intended for consumer users, and the Pro edition, which contains additional networking and security features such as BitLockeras well as the ability wikipddia join a domain. Windows 11 SE was announced on November 9,as an edition exclusively for low-end devices sold in the education market, and a successor to Windows 10 S. It is designed to be managed via Microsoft Intuneand has changed based on feedback from educators to simplify the user ссылка на продолжение and reduce “distractions”, such as Snap Layouts not containing читать статью for more than two applications at once, all applications opening maximized by default, Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free being completely removed, and Microsoft Edge is configured by default to allow wkipedia from the Chrome Web Store primarily to target those migrating from Chrome OS.

It is bundled with applications such as Microsoft Office for MicrosoftMinecraft Education Editionand Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free, while OneDrive is used to save files by default. Windows 11 SE does aindows include Microsoft Store; third-party software is provisioned or installed by administrators. The Windows Insider program carries over from Windows 10, with pre-release builds divided into “Dev” unstable builds used to test features for future feature wikippedia”Beta” test builds for windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free next feature update; relatively stable in comparison to Dev channeland “Release Preview” wikipddia builds for final testing of upcoming feature updates channels.

Before windlws launch of Windows 11, OEMs as well as mobile operators and businesses were offered two options for действительно. aimersoft video converter ultimate serial key free посты imaging: Component-Based Servicing lp.

The 38 fully-localized Language Pack LP languages were available as both lp. With Windows 11, that process has changed. Furthermore, these 43 languages can only be imaged using lp.

This is to ensure a fully supported windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free and cumulative update experience. The remaining 67 LIP languages that nidonesia LXP-based will move to a self-service model, and can nidonesia be added by Windows users themselves via the Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free Store and Windows Settings apps, not during the Windows imaging process.

Any user, not just admins, can now add both the display language and its features, which can help users in business environments, but these exact options for languages both LP and LIP still depend on the OEM and mobile operator. These languages are either preloaded or available for download, [] depending on the OEM, region of purchase, and mobile windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free.

For each of the manufacturers listed, Yes is displayed if the language is supported or available for download in at least one region, and No is displayed if it is not supported in any region. The following languages are available for download on all windos newer Surface devices regardless of the region:. These additional languages are available for download exclusively in their respective markets, in addition to the above languages:.

The basic system requirements of Windows 11 differ significantly from Windows Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free 11 only supports bit systems such as those using an x or ARM64 processor; IA processors are no acdsee pro 10.2 crack free supported.

S mode is only supported for the Home winfows of Windows Original equipment manufacturers can still ship computers without a TPM 2. Reception of Windows 11 upon its reveal was positive, with critics praising the new design and productivity features.

Microsoft has not specifically acknowledged this when discussing the cutoff, it was also acknowledged that winvows sixth and seventh generation of Intel Core processors were prominently afflicted wikipwdia CPU-level security vulnerabilities such as Meltdown and Spectreand that newer CPUs manufactured since then had increased mitigations against the flaws.

Research Vice President of Gartner Stephen Kleynhans felt that Microsoft was “looking at the entire stack from the hardware up through the applications and the indlnesia experience and trying to make the entire stack work better and more securely.

Andrew Cunningham of Ars Technica praised the improvements to its visual design describing the new “Mica” appearance as reminiscent of the visual appearance of iOS and macOSand arguing that Microsoft had “[made] a serious effort” indonesla making the user-facing aspects of Windows 11 more consistent visuallywindow management, performance assessed as being equivalent to if not better than Windows 10other “beneficial tweaks”, and its system requirements having brought greater public attention to hardware security здесь present on modern PCs.

Criticism was raised towards Widgets’ lack of support for windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free content thus limiting it to Microsoft windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free onlyregressions in taskbar functionality and очень microsoft visual studio ultimate 2013 32-bit download free download пост, the inability to easily select default applications for common tasks such as web browsing now requiring the user to wikipedla the browser application for each file type individuallyand Microsoft’s unclear justification for its processor compatibility criteria.

Cunningham concluded that “as I’ve dug into [Windows 11] and learned its ins indonesiia outs for this review, I’ve warmed to it more”, but argued wikipedi the OS was facing similar “public perception” issues to Windows Vista and Windows 8. Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free, he noted that 11 did not have as many performance issues or bugs as Vista had upon its release, nor was as “disjointed” as 8, and recommended that users who were unsure about the upgrade should stay on Windows indinesia in anticipation of future updates to Tom Warren of The Verge windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free Windows 11 as being akin to a house in the middle of renovations, but that “actually using Windows 11 for the past few months hasn’t windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free as controversial as I had expected”—praising its updated user interface as being more windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free and reminiscent windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free iOS and Chrome OSthe new start menu for feeling less cluttered than the Windows 10 iteration, updates to some of its stock applications, and Snap Assist.

Warren noted that he rarely used the Widgets panel or Microsoft Teams, citing that he preferred the weather display that later versions of Windows 10 offered, and didn’t use Teams to communicate with his friends and family. He also acknowledged the expansion of Microsoft Store to include more “traditional” desktop applications.

However, he felt that Windows 11 windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free felt like a work in progress, noting UI inconsistencies such as dark mode and new frer menu designs not imdonesia uniform across all dialogues and applications, and the modern Settings app still falling back upon legacy Control Panel applets for certain settingsregressions to the taskbar including the inability to move it, drag files onto taskbar buttons to focus the corresponding application, and the clock only shown wukipedia the primary display windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free multi-monitor configurationsand promised features such as dynamic refresh rate support and a universal microphone mute button not being present on the initial release.

Overall, he concluded that “I wouldn’t rush out to upgrade to Windows 11, but I also wouldn’t avoid it. After all, Windows 11 still feels familiar and underneath all the UI changes, it’s the same Windows we’ve had for decades. PC World was more critical, arguing that Windows windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free “sacrifices productivity for personality, but without cohesion”, commenting upon changes such as the inability to use local “offline” accounts on Windows 11 Home, regressions to the taskbar, a “functionally worse” start menu, Microsoft Teams integration having privacy implications and being a ploy to coerce users into switching to the service, File Explorer obscuring common functions under unclear icons, using “terribly sleazy” behaviors to discourage changing the default web browser from Microsoft Edge, and that the OS “anecdotally feels less responsive, slower, and heavier than Windows From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Screenshot showing the new Start menu and centered taskbar [1]. Closed-source Source-available through Shared Source Initiative Some components open source [2] [3] [4] [5]. List of languages. Main article: Features new to Windows See also: List of features removed in Windows Main article: Windows 11 version history. The Verge. Archived from the original on June 18, wiiipedia Retrieved September 12, Archived from the original on August 3, Retrieved August 31, Archived from the original on July 3, Archived from the original on January 14, Archived from the original on September 13, Windows Experience Blog.


Windows 10 Mobile – Wikipedia.Zorin OS – Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

Users who owned Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed, or Windows , were able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free until July 29, Features. Bootable Windows To Go USB flash drive. One new feature in Windows 8 is the Windows Store. The Windows Store lets users buy new computer programs, or download them for free. Windows 10 is een reeks besturingssystemen voor personal computers ontwikkeld en uitgebracht door Microsoft als onderdeel van de besturingssysteemfamilie Windows werd uitgebracht op 29 juli Het is de eerste versie van Windows waar voortdurend feature-updates voor worden uitgebracht. Apparaten in bedrijfsomgevingen kunnen deze updates in . Windows 10 Mobile is a discontinued mobile operating system developed by released in , it is a successor to Windows Phone , but was marketed by Microsoft as being an edition of its PC operating system Windows Windows 10 Mobile aimed to provide greater consistency with its counterpart for PCs, including more extensive synchronization of .


Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free


In May , Microsoft unveiled Fluent Design System previously codenamed “Project Neon” , a revamp of Microsoft Design Language 2 that will include guidelines for the designs and interactions used within software designed for all Windows 10 devices and platforms. The new design language will include the more prominent use of motion, depth, and translucency effects. Microsoft stated that the implementation of this design language would be performed over time, and it had already started to implement elements of it in Creators Update and Fall Creators Update.

On December 7, , Microsoft announced that, as part of a partnership with Qualcomm, it planned to introduce support for running Win32 software on ARM architecture with a bit x86 processor emulator, in Terry Myerson stated that this move would enable the production of Qualcomm Snapdragon -based Windows devices with cellular connectivity and improved power efficiency over Intel-compatible devices, and still capable of running the majority of existing Windows software unlike the previous Windows RT , which was restricted to Windows Store apps.

Microsoft is initially targeting this project towards laptops. In August , Microsoft began testing changes to its handling of the user interface on convertible devices—downplaying the existing “Tablet Mode” option in favor of presenting the normal desktop with optimizations for touch when a keyboard is not present, such as increasing the space between taskbar buttons and displaying the virtual keyboard when text fields are selected. In April , the ability to run Linux applications using a graphical user interface , such as Audacity , directly in Windows, was introduced as a preview.

The basic hardware requirements to install Windows 10 were initially the same as those for Windows 8. As of the May update, the minimum disk space requirement has been increased to 32 GB. In addition, on new installations, Windows permanently reserves up to 7 GB of disk space in order to ensure proper installation of future feature updates.

The bit variants require a CPU that supports certain instructions. Some pre-built devices may be described as “certified” by Microsoft. Unlike Windows 8, OEMs are no longer required to make Secure Boot settings user-configurable, meaning that devices may optionally be locked to run only Microsoft-signed operating systems.

Windows 10 version and later do not support Intel Clover Trail system-on-chips, per Microsoft’s stated policy of only providing updates for devices during their OEM support period. Starting with Windows 10 version , Microsoft will require new OEM devices to use bit processors, and will therefore cease the distribution of x86 bit variants of Windows 10 via OEM channels.

The bit variants of Windows 10 will remain available via non-OEM channels, and Microsoft will continue to “[provide] feature and security updates on these devices”. The maximum amount of RAM that Windows 10 can support varies depending on the product edition and the processor architecture.

Windows 10 supports up to two physical processors. Critics characterized the initial release of Windows 10 as being rushed, citing the incomplete state of some of the operating system’s bundled software, such as the Edge web browser, as well as the stability of the operating system itself on launch. The Edge browser was praised for its performance, although it was not in a feature-complete state at launch. While considering them a “great idea in principle”, concerns were shown for Microsoft’s focus on the universal app ecosystem:.

It’s by no means certain that developers are going to flock to Windows 10 from iOS and Android simply because they can convert their apps easily. It may well become a no-brainer for them, but at the moment a conscious decision is still required.

Engadget was similarly positive, noting that the upgrade process was painless and that Windows 10’s user interface had balanced aspects of Windows 8 with those of previous versions with a more mature aesthetic. Cortana’s always-on voice detection was considered to be its “true strength”, also citing its query capabilities and personalization features, but noting that it was not as pre-emptive as Google Now. Windows 10’s stock applications were praised for being improved over their Windows 8 counterparts, and for supporting windowed modes.

The Xbox app was also praised for its Xbox One streaming functionality, although recommending its use over a wired network because of inconsistent quality over Wi-Fi. In conclusion, it was argued that “Windows 10 delivers the most refined desktop experience ever from Microsoft, and yet it’s so much more than that. It’s also a decent tablet OS, and it’s ready for a world filled with hybrid devices.

And, barring another baffling screwup, it looks like a significant step forward for mobile. Heck, it makes the Xbox One a more useful machine. Ars Technica panned the new Tablet mode interface for removing the charms and app switching, making the Start button harder to use by requiring users to reach for the button on the bottom-left rather than at the center of the screen when swiping with a thumb, and for making application switching less instantaneous through the use of Task View.

Microsoft Edge was praised for being “tremendously promising”, and “a much better browser than Internet Explorer ever was”, but criticized it for its lack of functionality on-launch. In conclusion, contrasting Windows 8 as being a “reliable” platform albeit consisting of unfinished concepts, Windows 10 was considered “the best Windows yet”, and was praised for having a better overall concept in its ability to be “comfortable and effective” across a wide array of form factors, but that it was buggier than previous versions of Windows were on-launch.

Critics have noted that Windows 10 heavily emphasizes freemium services, and contains various advertising facilities. Some outlets have considered these to be a hidden “cost” of the free upgrade offer. Up to August , Windows 10 usage was increasing, with it then plateauing , [] while eventually in , it became more popular than Windows 7 [] [] though Windows 7 was still more used in some countries in Asia and Africa in As of March [update] , the operating system is running on over a billion devices, reaching the goal set by Microsoft two years after the initial deadline.

Twenty-four hours after it was released, Microsoft announced that over 14 million devices were running Windows According to StatCounter, Windows 10 overtook Windows 8. For one week in late November , Windows 10 overtook first rank from Windows 7 in the United States, before losing it again.

In mid-January , Windows 10 had a slightly higher global market share than Windows 7, [] with it noticeably more popular on weekends, [] while popularity varies widely by region, e. Windows 10 was then still behind in Africa [] and far ahead in some other regions e.

Windows 10 Home is permanently set to download all updates automatically, including cumulative updates, security patches, and drivers, and users cannot individually select updates to install or not. Concerns were raised that because of these changes, users would be unable to skip the automatic installation of updates that are faulty or cause issues with certain system configurations—although build upgrades will also be subject to public beta testing via Windows Insider program.

An example of such a situation occurred prior to the general release of the operating system, when an Nvidia graphics card driver that was automatically pushed to Windows 10 users via Windows Update caused issues that prevented the use of certain functions, or prevented their system from booting at all. Criticism was also directed towards Microsoft’s decision to no longer provide specific details on the contents of cumulative updates for Windows Some users reported that during the installation of the November upgrade, some applications particularly utility programs such as CPU-Z and Speccy were automatically uninstalled during the upgrade process, and some default programs were reset to Microsoft-specified defaults such as Photos app, and Microsoft Edge for PDF viewing , both without warning.

Further issues were discovered upon the launch of the Anniversary Update “Redstone” , including a bug that caused some devices to freeze but addressed by cumulative update KB, released on August 31, , [] [] and that fundamental changes to how Windows handles webcams had caused many to stop working. A Gartner analyst felt that Windows 10 Pro was becoming increasingly inappropriate for use in enterprise environments because of support policy changes by Microsoft, including consumer-oriented upgrade lifecycle length, and only offering extended support for individual builds to Enterprise and Education editions of Windows Critics have acknowledged that Microsoft’s update and testing practices had been affecting the overall quality of Windows In particular, it was pointed out that Microsoft’s internal testing departments had been prominently affected by a major round of layoffs undertaken by the company in Microsoft relies primarily on user testing and bug reports via the Windows Insider program which may not always be of sufficient quality to identify a bug , as well as correspondence with OEMs and other stakeholders.

In the wake of the known folder redirection data loss bug in the version , it was pointed out that bug reports describing the issue had been present on the Feedback Hub app for several months prior to the public release. Following the incident, Microsoft updated Feedback Hub so that users may specify the severity of a particular bug report.

When announcing the resumption of ‘s rollout, Microsoft stated that it planned to be more transparent in its handling of update quality in the future, through a series of blog posts that will detail its testing process and the planned development of a “dashboard” that will indicate the rollout progress of future updates.

Microsoft was criticized for the tactics that it used to promote its free upgrade campaign for Windows 10, including adware -like behaviors, [] using deceptive user interfaces to coax users into installing the operating system, [] [] [] [] downloading installation files without user consent, [] [] and making it difficult for users to suppress the advertising and notifications if they did not wish to upgrade to In September , it was reported that Microsoft was triggering automatic downloads of Windows 10 installation files on all compatible Windows 7 or 8.

Microsoft officially confirmed the change, claiming it was “an industry practice that reduces the time for installation and ensures device readiness. Other critics argued that Microsoft should not have triggered any downloading of Windows 10 installation files without user consent. In October , Windows 10 began to appear as an “Optional” update on the Windows Update interface, but pre-selected for installation on some systems.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that this was a mistake, and that the download would no longer be pre-selected by default. In March , some users also alleged that their Windows 7 and 8.

It was concluded that these users may have unknowingly clicked the “Accept” prompt without full knowledge that this would begin the upgrade.

On January 21, , Microsoft was sued in small claims court by a user whose computer had attempted to upgrade to Windows 10 without her consent shortly after the release of the operating system. The upgrade failed, and her computer was left in a broken state thereafter, which disrupted the ability to run her travel agency.

However, in May , Microsoft dropped the appeal and chose to pay the damages. Shortly after the suit was reported on by the Seattle Times , Microsoft confirmed it was updating the GWX software once again to add more explicit options for opting out of a free Windows 10 upgrade; [] [] [] the final notification was a full-screen pop-up window notifying users of the impending end of the free upgrade offer, and contained “Remind me later”, “Do not notify me again” and “Notify me three more times” as options.

In March , Microsoft announced that it would display notifications informing users on Windows 7 devices of the upcoming end of extended support for the platform, and direct users to a website urging them to upgrade to Windows 10 or purchase new hardware. This dialog will be similar to the previous Windows 10 upgrade prompts, but will not explicitly mention Windows Privacy advocates and other critics have expressed concern regarding Windows 10’s privacy policies and its collection and use of customer data.

Users can opt out from most of this data collection, [] [] but telemetry data for error reporting and usage is also sent to Microsoft, and this cannot be disabled on non-Enterprise editions of Windows Rock Paper Shotgun writer Alec Meer argued that Microsoft’s intent for this data collection lacked transparency, stating that “there is no world in which 45 pages of policy documents and opt-out settings split across 13 different settings screens and an external website constitutes ‘real transparency’.

The Russian government had passed a federal law requiring all online services to store the data of Russian users on servers within the country by September or be blocked. But Microsoft is held to a different standard than other companies”. The Microsoft Services agreement reads that the company’s online services may automatically “download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices.

In September , Microsoft hid the option to create a local account during a fresh installation if a PC is connected to the internet. This move was criticized by users who did not want to use an online Microsoft account. In late-July , Windows Defender began to classify modifications of the hosts file that block Microsoft telemetry servers as being a severe security risk.

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Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page. October Closed-source source-available through the Shared Source Initiative Some components free and open-source [1] [2] [3] [4]. List of languages. For the Windows versions produced from to , see Windows 9x.

For the Windows version following Windows 8, see Windows 8. Main article: Features new to Windows See also: List of features removed in Windows Main article: List of typefaces included with Microsoft Windows.

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Archived from the original on February 3, Retrieved March 31, The Slate Group. Seattle Times. Seattle Times Network. Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved November 5, Ziff Davis. February 2, September 30, The Guardian. Thomson Reuters. Verder zijn er nog diverse kleine wijzigingen aangebracht. Zo kan de prullenbak voortaan worden vastgepind aan de taakbalk.

Om een venster te scrollen hoeft het ook niet langer actief te zijn, met de cursor in het venster gaan staan is genoeg. Ook zijn er enkele verbeteringen voor touchscreens doorgevoerd. Zo staan pictogrammen in het notificatie centrum verder uit elkaar op een touchscreen en wordt het virtueel toetsenbord voortaan automatisch getoond als er in een veld wordt getikt. Er is een Action Center dat al bestond in Windows Phone toegevoegd. De functionaliteit is echter beperkt in build en In latere builds is het Action Center gelijk getrokken met het Action Center dat gevonden kan worden in Windows Phone 8.

Zo kunnen voortaan alle quick settings worden getoond in het Action Center. Ook kunnen notificaties nu zelf acties bevatten. Ook diverse andere functies zijn toegevoegd. Ten laatste kunnen updates nu worden verwijderd via het bootmenu. Ook bevat Windows 10 ondersteuning voor verschillende nieuwe mediaformaten. Windows 10 is de eerste versie van Windows in 20 jaar waarbij Internet Explorer niet de standaardbrowser vanuit Microsoft is.

In plaats daarvan biedt Microsoft Microsoft Edge aan. Edge is volledig van de grond af aan opnieuw opgebouwd, terwijl EdgeHTML voor een klein deel is gebaseerd op het werk dat gedaan is in Trident. Wel biedt de browser ondersteuning om te tekenen op webpagina’s, Cortana-integratie en extensies.

Verschillende apps zijn bijgewerkt naar recentere versies in vroege Technical Preview-builds. In latere builds werden apps voorzien van de design language van Windows 10, waar sommige apps meermaals een nieuw design voor kregen. Ook werden er verschillende nieuwe functies toegevoegd aan alle apps. Berichten en Kalender werden vervangen door een Outlook-app en de OneNote-app kreeg een volledig nieuwe interface gelijkend aan de Office for Windows-apps.

De Pc-instellingen-app werd hernoemd naar Instellingen en kreeg een nieuw ontwerp en een grote hoeveelheid aan nieuwe instellingen die eerder in het Configuratiescherm moesten worden aangepast. Microsoft voegde verder enkele nieuwe apps toe aan Windows 10, waaronder de Xbox-app. Deze moet het mogelijk maken om games te streamen van een Xbox One naar een Windows-pc. Ook voegde Microsoft een ondersteuningsapp toe.

Verder werden er twee apps voor Windows Insiders toegevoegd en werden er verschillende apps gemaakt die in recentere previews deel uitmaken van Cortana. Deze apps werden vervangen door Microsoft Edge.

In de November Update van Windows 10 voegde Microsoft opnieuw enkele apps toe aan de standaardapps van Windows Verder werden de andere standaardapps voorzien van verschillende updates, die later ook uitrolde naar de originele versie van Windows In de Anniversary Update werd Skype Video verwijderd en werd de Skype-integratie uit Berichten en Telefoon gehaald ten voordele van een volledige Skype-app die op de lange termijn de desktopversie van Skype moet vervangen.

Verder bevat de Anniversary Update ook een Connect-app voor smartphones met ondersteuning voor Continuum for Phones. Cortana is een functie om internetinformatie te gebruiken en te verwerken. Cortana werkte al op sommige Windows 8.

Het verenigt elementen van een zoekmachine met die van een persoonlijke assistent, omdat het bij kan houden waar een gebruiker naar zoekt, wat diens interesses zijn en waarnaar een gebruiker waarschijnlijk naar op zoek is.

Ook reageert Cortana op spraakgestuurde vragen en opdrachten, en kan via Cortana een e-mail worden gedicteerd en verstuurd. Windows Ink is een nieuwe interface speciaal voor gebruik met een pen. De tool bevat verschillende functies zoals een potlood, stift en markeerstift.

Ook biedt de Inking Workspace een meetlat voor het tekenen van rechte lijnen. Windows Ink bevat voorts een vernieuwde versie van Sticky Notes met Ink-ondersteuning en Cortana-integratie. Verder kunnen er ook screenshots mee gemaakt worden om er vervolgens notities op te schrijven.

Ten slotte geeft de Inking Workspace een lijst van apps met Windows Ink-integratie. Er zijn twee apps specifiek bedoeld voor Windows Insiders aanwezig in de previewversies van Windows Een daarvan is Windows Feedback. Deze app toont nu en dan een notificatie als een gebruiker een bepaalde handeling doet om er info feedback over te vragen: hoe makkelijk het was, wat er mis liep, enzovoorts.

Deze app doet dienst als een informatiecentrum voor Windows Insider-gebruikers. De Windows Feedback-app heeft vanaf build een volledig nieuw ontwerp, waarschijnlijk na de kritiek die de app kreeg door diverse problemen en een slecht ontwerp. De Feedback Hub was een samentrekking van beide apps die voor Insiders als een volledig portaal moet dienen voor nieuws, quests en het sturen van feedback naar Microsoft.

De app werd later meermaals bijgewerkt met onder andere ondersteuning voor het reageren op feedback. In tegenstelling tot voorgaande versies van Windows werkt Windows 10 niet meer hoofdzakelijk met een productcode.

Productcodes zijn echter nog steeds van toepassing als men voor de eerste keer een installatie van Windows 10 doorloopt die geen upgrade-installatie was van Windows 7 of 8. In plaats van een productcode registreert Windows de computer nu bij de Windows Store aan de hand van een hardware-ID, dat bestaat uit info over de CPU, het moederbord en, indien aanwezig, de Trusted Platform Module.

Aan de hand van die combinatie wordt Windows bij latere installaties op dezelfde hardware via de Windows Store geactiveerd. Dit vereist echter wel een apparaat dat al voorzien is van een legitieme versie van Windows. In de November Update is het ook mogelijk gemaakt dat, indien dat niet het geval is, men Windows 10 kan activeren met een sleutel van Windows 7, 8 en 8.

De systeemeisen van Windows 10 zijn dezelfde als die voor Windows 8. Gebruikers van Windows 8. Windows 7-gebruikers kunnen een aparte update downloaden waarmee Windows Update het updateproces de update naar de Windows Technical Preview overneemt. Windows 8. Sinds de januari-update voor de Technical Preview kunnen zowel Windows 7- als Windows 8. Windows RT -gebaseerde apparaten kunnen niet updaten naar de Windows Ook Windows Vista – en XP -gebruikers kunnen niks houden bij de overstap van hun besturingssysteem naar Windows Een schone installatie is vereist.

Op 1 juni begonnen Windows-installaties die in aanmerking komen om gratis over te stappen naar Windows 10 met behulp van het programmaatje GWX Get Windows X een melding te tonen aan gebruikers om zich te registreren om Windows 10 te installeren van zodra het beschikbaar zou komen op 29 juli Iedere editie van Windows 7 en 8. Het aanbod om gratis over te stappen naar Windows 10 zou officieel ten einde komen op 29 juli In praktijk werd alleen een eind gemaakt aan de reclame en gratis overstappen op Windows 10 kan nog steeds.

Sinds 30 juli tonen Windows-versies die in aanmerking komen geen GWX-pictogram meer in het Systeemvak. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Dit artikel gaat over het besturingssysteem voor personal computers. Voor het gerelateerde besturingssysteem voor mobiele apparaten, zie Windows 10 Mobile. Zie Windows 10 Mobile voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp.

Zie Xbox One voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp. Zie Microsoft HoloLens voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp. Zie Microsoft Edge voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp. Zie Internet Explorer 12 voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp. Zie Microsoft Cortana voor het hoofdartikel over dit onderwerp. Geraadpleegd op 13 september The Verge. Vox Media. Geraadpleegd op 12 november Geraadpleegd op 24 november Geraadpleegd op 21 oktober Petri 1 June Geraadpleegd op 1 June Zie de categorie Microsoft Windows 10 van Wikimedia Commons voor mediabestanden over dit onderwerp.

Categorie : Microsoft Windows. Verborgen categorie: Wikipedia:Pagina’s die Timeline gebruiken. Naamruimten Artikel Overleg. Mainstream support: ended on January 9, Extended support until January 10, Mainstream support ended on July 10, [4] Extended support until July 11, [4] Windows 8. Main article: Windows 8. Microsoft Windows operating systems. Windows 1. Category : Microsoft operating systems. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Pages needing to be simplified from May All pages that need simplifying Pages needing expert attention Pages needing cleanup from May All pages needing cleanup Use mdy dates.

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Windows 10 is a major release of Microsoft ‘s Windows NT operating system. It is the direct successor to Windows 8. It was released to manufacturing on July 15,and later to retail on July 29, Windows 10 receives new builds on an ongoing basis, which are available at no additional cost to users, in addition windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free additional test builds of Windows 10, which are available to Windows Insiders.

Devices in enterprise environments can receive these updates at a slower pace, or use long-term support нужно, bomb squad pc game поворотах! that only receive critical updates, such as security patchesover their ten-year lifespan of extended support. Windows 10 received generally positive reviews upon its original release.

Critics praised Microsoft’s decision to provide the desktop-oriented interface in line with previous versions of Windows, contrasting the tablet-oriented approach of Windows windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free, although Windows 10’s touch-oriented user interface mode ijdonesia criticized for containing regressions upon the touch-oriented interface of its predecessor.

Critics also praised the improvements to Windows 10’s bundled software over Windows 8. However, media outlets have ineonesia critical of the changes to operating system behaviors, including mandatory update installation, privacy concerns over data collection performed by the Indomesia for Microsoft and its partners, and adware -like tactics used to promote the operating windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free on its release.

Microsoft initially aimed to have Windows 10 installed on over one billion devices within three years of its release; [19] that goal was ultimately reached almost five years after release on March 16, On June 24,Microsoft announced Windows 10’s successor, Windows 11which was released on October 5, In Decembertechnology writer Mary Jo Foley reported that Microsoft was working on an update to Windows 8 codenamed “Threshold”, after a planet in its Halo franchise.

She also stated that one of the goals for Threshold was to create a unified application platform and development toolkit for Windows, Windows Wikupedia and Xbox One which all use a similar kernel based on Windows Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free. The new Start узнать больше здесь takes after Windows 7 ‘s design by using only a portion of the screen and including a Windows 7-style application жмите сюда in the first column.

The second column displays Windows 8-style app tiles. Myerson said that these changes windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free occur in a future update, but did not elaborate. Windows Phone 8. Screenshots of a Windows build purported to be Threshold were leaked in Julyshowing the previously presented Start menu windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free windowed Windows Windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free apps, [32] followed by a further screenshot of a build identifying itself as “Windows Technical Preview”, numberedin Septembershowing windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free new virtual desktop system, a notification center, and a new File Explorer icon.

On September 30,Microsoft officially announced that Threshold would be unveiled during a media event as Windows Myerson said that Windows 10 would be Microsoft’s “most comprehensive platform ever”, providing a single, unified platform for desktop and laptop computers, tabletssmartphones, and all-in-one devices.

In regards to Microsoft naming the new operating system Windows 10 instead of Windows 9, Terry Myerson said that “based on windows server difference between standard datacenter free download product that’s coming, and just how fres our approach will be overall, it wouldn’t be right to call it Windows 9.

We’re trying to create one platform, one eco-system that unites as many of the devices from the small embedded Internet indonwsia Things, through tablets, through phones, through PCs and, ultimately, into the Xbox. Further details surrounding Windows 10’s consumer-oriented features were presented during another media event held on January 21,entitled “Windows The Next Chapter”.

Additional developer-oriented details surrounding the ” Universal /45375.txt Platform ” concept were revealed and discussed during Microsoft’s Build developers’ conference. Among them were the unveiling of “Islandwood”, which provides a middleware toolchain for compiling Objective-C -based software particularly iOS to run as windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free apps on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

A port of Candy Crush Saga made using the toolkit, which shared как сообщается здесь of its code with the iOS version, was demonstrated, alongside the announcement that the King -developed game would windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free bundled with Windows wlkipedia at launch.

At the Ignite conferenceMicrosoft employee Jerry Nixon stated that Windows 10 would be the “last version of Windows”, a statement that Microsoft confirmed was “reflective” of its view of the operating system being a “service” with new versions and updates to be released over time.

On June 1,Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be released on July 29, The commercials focused on the tagline “A more human way to источник, emphasizing new features and technologies supported by Windows 10 that insonesia to provide a more “personal” experience to users.

Windows 10 makes its user experience and functionality more consistent between different classes of device and addresses most of the shortcomings in the user interface that were introduced in Windows 8. Windows 10 supports universal appsindlnesia expansion of the Metro-style first introduced in Windows 8. Windows 10 also introduced the Microsoft Edge web browsera virtual desktop system, a window and desktop management feature called Task Viewsupport for fingerprint and face recognition login, new security features for enterprise environments, and DirectX Windows apps share code across platforms, have responsive designs that adapt to the needs of the device and available inputs, can synchronize data between Windows 10 devices including notifications, credentials, and allowing cross-platform multiplayer for gamesand are distributed through the Microsoft Основываясь на этих данных rebranded from Windows Store since September The ARM version of Windows 10 allows running applications for x86 processors through bit software emulation.

On Windows 10, Microsoft Store serves as a unified storefront for apps, video content, and eBooks. Wincows software distributed through Windows Store is packaged using the App-V system to allow sandboxing. A new iteration of the Start menu is used on the Windows 10 desktop, with a list of places and other options on the wikiipedia side, windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free tiles representing applications on the right.

The menu can be resized, and expanded into a full-screen display, windoas is the default option in Tablet mode. When a window is snapped to one side of the screen, Task View appears and the user is prompted to choose a second window to fill the unused side of the screen called “Snap Assist”.

Charms have been removed; their functionality in universal apps is accessed from an App commands menu windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free their title bar. It is accessed by clicking an icon in the notification area, or dragging from the right of the screen. Notifications can be synced between multiple devices. Windows 10 cree designed to adapt its user interface based on the type of device being windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free and available input methods.

It offers two separate user interface modes: a user interface optimized for mouse and keyboard, and a “Tablet mode” designed for touchscreens. Users can toggle between these Полностью usbaapl64.inf download windows 10 free женский modes at any time, and Windows can prompt or automatically switch when certain events occur, such as disabling Tablet mode on a tablet if a keyboard or mouse is plugged in, or when a 2-in-1 PC is switched to its laptop state.

In Tablet mode, programs default to a maximized view, and the taskbar contains a back button and hides buttons for opened or pinned programs by indlnesia Task View is used instead winsows switch between programs. The full screen Start menu wincows used in this mode, similarly to Windows 8, but scrolls vertically instead of horizontally. Windows 10 incorporates multi-factor authentication technology based upon standards developed by the FIDO Alliance. Devices with supported cameras requiring infrared illumination, such as Intel RealSense allow users to log in with iris or face recognitionsimilarly to Kinect.

Devices with supported readers allow users to log in through fingerprint recognition. Support was also added for palm-vein scanning through a partnership with Fujitsu in February Inresearchers demonstrated that Windows Hello could be bypassed on fully-updated Windows 10 version with a color printout of a person’s picture taken with an IR camera. However, a PIN is not a simpler password. While passwords are transmitted to domain controllersPINs are not.

They are windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free to one device, and if compromised, windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free one device is affected. As such, the authentication token transmitted to the server is harder to crack. In addition, whereas weak passwords may be broken via rainbow tablesTPM causes the much-simpler Windows PINs to be resilient to brute-force attacks.

When Windows 10 was first introduced, multi-factor authentication wikipediq provided by two components: Windows Hello and Passport not to be confused with the Passport platform of Later, Passport windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free merged into Windows Hello.

Device Guard is designed to protect against zero-day exploitsand runs inside a hypervisor so that its operation remains separated from the operating system itself. Other features such as word wrap and transparency were also added. These functions can be disabled to revert to the legacy console if needed. The Anniversary Update added Windows Subsystem for Linux WSL windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free, which allows the installation of a user space environment from a supported Linux distribution that runs natively on Windows.

The subsystem translates Linux system calls to those of the Windows NT kernel only claims full system call compatibility as of WSL 2, included in a later Windows update. The environment can execute the Bash shell and bit command-line programs WSL 2 also supports bit Linux programs and graphics, /85840.txt supporting software installed, [88] and GPUs support for other uses [89].

Windows applications cannot be executed from the Linux environment, and vice versa. To reduce the storage footprint of the adobe photoshop cs6 free for 64 system, Windows 10 automatically compresses system files. The system can reduce the storage footprint of Windows by approximately 1. The level of compression used is dependent on a performance iwndows performed during installations or by OEMswhich tests how much compression can be used without harming operating system performance.

Furthermore, the Refresh and Reset functions use runtime system files instead, making a separate recovery partition redundant, allowing patches and updates to remain installed following the operation, and further reducing the amount of space required for Windows 10 by up to 12 GB. Windows 10 introduces Microsoft Edgea new default web browser. It initially featured a new standards -compliant rendering engine derived from Tridentand also includes annotation tools and integration with other Microsoft platforms present within Windows Every Windows 10 winddows from 20H2, which was released on October 20, wikipediz, will come with the new version of the browser preinstalled.

Windows 10 incorporates a universal search box located alongside the Start and Task View buttons, which can be hidden or condensed into a single windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free. Many of its features are a direct carryover from Windows Phone, including integration with Bingsetting reminders, a Notebook feature for managing personal information, as well as searching for files, playing music, launching applications and setting reminders or sending emails.

Microsoft Family Safety is replaced by Microsoft Family, a parental controls system that applies across Windows platforms and Microsoft online services. Users can create a designated family, and monitor and restrict the actions of users designated as children, such as access to websites, enforcing age ratings on Microsoft Store purchases, and other restrictions.

The service can also send weekly e-mail reports to parents detailing a child’s computer usage. Credentials are stored in an encrypted form on Microsoft servers and sent to the devices of the selected contacts. Passwords are not viewable by the guest user, and the windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free user is not allowed to access other computers or wiindows on the network. Wi-Fi Sense is not usable on Universal calling and messaging apps for Windows 10 are built in as of the November update: Messaging, Skype Video, and Phone.

These offer built-in alternatives to windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free Skype download and sync with Windows 10 Mobile. Windows 10 provides greater integration with the Xbox ecosystem. Xbox SmartGlass is succeeded by the Xbox Console Companion formerly the Xbox appwhich allows users to browse their game library including both PC and Xbox console gamesand Game DVR is also available using a keyboard shortcutallowing users to save the last 30 windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free of gameplay as a video that can be shared to Xbox Live, OneDrive, or elsewhere.

Windows 10 adds native game recording and screenshot capture ability using the newly introduced Game Bar. Users can also have the OS continuously record gameplay in the background, which then allows the user to save the last few moments of gameplay to the storage device. Windows 10 adds three new default typefaces compared to Windows 8, but removes windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free of others.

The removed typefaces are available in supplemental packs and may be added manually over a non-metered internet connection. Windows 10 is available in five main editions for personal computing devices; the Home and Pro editions of which are sold детальнее на этой странице retail in most countries, wikippedia as pre-loaded software on new computers.

Home is aimed at home users, while Pro is aimed at windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free users and windows 10 wikipedia indonesia free businesses. Each edition of Windows 10 includes all of the capabilities and features of the edition below it, and add additional fred oriented towards their market segments; for example, Pro adds additional networking and security features such as BitLockerDevice Guard, Windows Update for Business, and the ability to join a domain.

Enterprise and Education, the other editions, contain на этой странице features aimed towards business environments, and are only available through volume licensing. As part of Microsoft’s unification strategies, Windows products that are based on Перейти на источник 10’s common platform but meant for specialized platforms are marketed as editions of the operating system, rather than as separate product lines.

Wikipefia updated version of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system for smartphones, and also tablets, was branded as Windows 10 Mobile. On May 2,Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 S referred to in leaks as Windows 10 Clouda feature-limited edition of Windows 10 which was designed primarily for devices in the education market competing, in particular, with Chrome OS netbookssuch as the Surface Laptop that Microsoft also unveiled at this time.

The OS restricts software installation to applications obtained from Microsoft Store; the device may be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for a fee to enable unrestricted software installation. As a time-limited promotion, Microsoft stated that this upgrade would be free on the Surface Laptop until March 31, A public beta program for Windows 10 known as the Windows Insider Program began with the first publicly available preview release on October 1,

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