The season of citrus insurance started at “Aldagi”

Farmers who have citrus orchards can insure their crop at Aldag. Aldagi reports this information.

“In September, citrus insurance is the most favorable time for farms to have a quiet winter season, but the policy can be purchased until 31 October. Citrus insurance can be provided by anyone who has registered land and is fixed in a farmers database. At Aldag, citrus insurance implies reimbursement of damages caused by natural events. Under the state agro-insurance program, the state provides 70% of the insurance fee, so citrus insurance can be quite affordable at Aldag.

The insurance premium for mandarin plantation is fixed and it is 15% of the insurance amount. For example, the insurance premium for tangerine crops grown on 1 ha is 1500 GEL, of which the farmer only pays 450 GEL. The most common agroforestry risks for citrus crops are hail, hurricanes and fall frosts, which can completely or partially damage the crop. If the crops are insured, Aldagi will reimburse them for their losses. The policy is available in all credo branches throughout Georgia, ”reads the statement.

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