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Audirvana kef ls50 wireless free –

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About Scot Hull Articles. However, Roon is more usable, and perfect in everything else. Email Required Name Required Website. Log in Register. Also, a feature missing audirvanz Audirvana that I loved on Roon was… multi-room playback.


Audirvana kef ls50 wireless free –


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Glad that you have solved the issue you have and hope you are still enjoying a stress free experience with AS! UPnP is an open standard which is pretty loose. It is in effect a marriage of implementations, with problems that can be solved by either party. As such it would be equally appropriate to address your hardware vendor and demand they test their UPnP implementation with AS whilst also doing the same with Audirvana.

The problem was eventually solved by a firmware update from KEF. If everyone did so then maybe the hardware vendors might come to the conclusion that they need to ensure their systems work with Audirvana.

Roon Labs recognised this problem of a loose standard and instead implemented RAAT, their own audio transport system not sure whether they developed it themselves or licensed it from another source.

Either way, in the interest of fairness to Audirvana, they have to try and ensure compatibility with hundreds of different hardware vendors implementations of a loose UPnP standard. Seems easy to me according to this information………………perhaps not after all? Admirable certainly but I know from experience this kind of stuff more often than not ends with the vendors pointing fingers at each other and the end user caught in limbo.

Just my opinion, best of luck to you mate! I stand by what I said, but am well aware of the challenges faced with working with this standard.

Ah marketing! Tend to ignore it myself and make use of the trial to test compatibility. You are spot on with the finger pointing comments. But as an impulsive, glass half full rather than empty persona I have to believe the vendors of high cost HIFI equipment will not forgo a purchase if enough potential purchasers demand Audirvana compatibility.

All great points, If people have a current gen product and want to give it a go with the manufacturer why not? The good news is they work perfectly with any other products besides AS. So frustrating.

And I say this with the full knowledge that I can no longer download the Quad Artera link app for my Quad Artera Link, that is less than 5 years old. In addition there is simply no technical reason to force users to create an account for simply configuring the speakers.

The only reason is to track the users and get more data. Look what Sonos did if you have older equipment. KEF Support confirmed that there is no other option and they did not see an issue with that, as they have according to them a strong privacy protection.

This certainly would not stop me from buying them if they receive Roon Ready certification and I can meet the WAF somehow. Speaker sound settings profiles used to be saved into the speaker itself on the old platform.

Maybe something to do with subwoofers… is associated with the user profile, so if you log into different devices, you have exactly the same list of sound profiles.

This will also be the same for app customisations when implemented – the changes you make will carry over to your other devices that you log into. Keeps the experience consistent. I can see why KEF selected to do it this way, but it is a deal breaker for me. No more. If I could set up the basics without a login, maybe. Thanks for replying. Too bad! Now I have to start looking again.

Does anybody have a recommendation for the AMP?


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